Memories of Dundee from back home

Mittwoch, 26.09.2012


I'd like to add this last post to my blog. 

I'm home now since the end of May and now it's the 26th of September.

The Eurovision Song Contest happened to be on TV at my last evening in Dundee and Roman Lob's song for Germany lead me out of my house.

"I'm standing still"...

Fraser and Anna have been with me. We visited Leanne at the Taybridge Bar since she was working that evening and had a last Pint of Tennent's. Later Fraser and Anna brought me to the trainstation where I took the train to Edinburgh to take my plane home.

That might sound a sad and it was. But I was also looking forward to going home.

It was the good end of a good year.

I had time to prepare the days before. I organised my stuff, sent things home and said goodbye to my great, little, comfortable house.

At the beginning of that week, Leanne, Fraser and I had a great "German style" meal together..."Schnitzel mit Champinion Rahmsauce und [mangels Spätzle :) ] Pommes"! Very tasty!

Since I'm back I did my Cambridge CAE Degree and two law internships in Cologne [3 weeks Social Court and 3 weeks Labor Law Firm]. I managed the CAE quite well. So Dundee already paid off. 

But I think that's not the most important thing. I learned a lot during the year. I met wonderful people from all over the world with very different ideas of life. Additionally I think it made me more relax and independant.

Right...I forgot! Most important to mention...since I'm back I visited my dear friend Marine and my dear friend Anna! I visited Marine in France and got a wonderful impression of her home Carcassonne and her university city Toulouse. Her family made me feel totally at home. It was a pleasure! Recently I visited Anna in Bavaria and had 10 great days at Kufstein (Austria), Neuötting (Anna's home town) and Passau (Anna's university city). I felt very comfortable with her family as well. I looking forward to the both coming to visit me at Grevenbroich/Münster!

What does my near future bring? I'll go back to Münster and specialise in Social and Labor Law, because I think that's what I wanna do later.

I'm looking forward now to Münster and especially christmas time in Münster!

I wanna send my best wishes to my classmates in Dundee who are already doing theit second year of law and wish them all the best for the future!

See you soon!


[ At the moment...planning on coming back to Scotland Summer 2013! ;) ]

Anna and me - St. Andrews Coastal Path

Coastal Path from St. Andrews to Dundee

Sonntag, 22.04.2012

This Saturday I went with Anna and Tone to St. Andrews by Bus and we walked the whole way along the beatiful coastline up to Tayport where we took the bus back to Dundee.

The Fife Coastal Path goes all around the coast of Fife and is a great opportunity to do hiking around Dundee.

Was a very nice day!

Coastal Path to Dundee Coastal Path to Dundee Coastal Path to Dundee Coastal Path to Dundee

Glen Feshie

Sonntag, 29.01.2012


yesterday 7am we met at the Gear Store to start up for our first RucksackClub ( Trip. 

Our goal for the day was "Glen Feshie". We hiked in the Cairngorms, a Mountain Range in the eastern Highlands of Scotland. Glen Feshie is in the south-west of the Cairngorms National Park. It's a beautiful, wild Glen.

My friends and me took the "Upper Glen Fashie" walk ( We had no rain and a few sunny hours, what made the mountains look even more beatiful.

After around six hours walk we arrived back at the minibusses. On the way home we stopped for delicious fish&chips to complete the day.

Looking forward to the next trip;)

See you soon!


Glen Feshie I Glen Feshie II Glen Feshie III Glen Feshie IV Glen Feshie V Glen Feshie VI Glen Feshie VII Glen Feshie VIII

back in Dundee:D

Dienstag, 24.01.2012

Hey my dear German friends,

I'm back in Dundee since the 9th of January and uni started at the 16th.

I'm happy to be back. Uni is interesting (new subjects: Public Law II, Criminal Law and Evidence, Tort Law).

Yesterday my Concert Band started again and the first RucksackClub trip will be this weekend.

Since I arrived I visited Aberdeen with Anna and Marine and went to the Chinese New Year Party

I will write again soon.



Aberdeen beach Chinese New Year: Year of the Dragon


Freitag, 02.12.2011


I'm in ChristmasMood!

I enjoyed the "Dundee Christmas Light Night". Dundee has a official celebration when they switch on all the Christmas Lights in town. And there's a firework, too:D!

Dundee Christmas Lights Night

It was frosty but we enjoyed e.g. a fire-eater and Indian Dancers!

The next day we went to a Ceilidh. My flatmate Leanne joined the local Irish Dance Society when the term started and they did the Ceilidh. It was amazing. A proper Scottish Ceilidh!

I ask Leanne for the Photos...

PreChristmas Greetings:*

Dundee University Wind-Essemble 18.11.11

Freitag, 25.11.2011

Dundee University Wind-Ensemble I Dundee University Wind-Ensemble II Dundee University Wind-Ensemble III Dundee University Wind-Ensemble IV Dundee University Wind-Ensemble V Dundee University Wind-Ensemble VI Dundee University Wind-Ensemble VII Dundee University Wind-Ensemble VII Dundee University Wind-Ensemble IX Dundee University Wind-Ensemble X Dundee University Wind-Ensemble XI Dundee University Wind-Ensemble XII Dundee University Wind-Ensemble XIII Dundee University Wind-Ensemble XIV Dundee University Wind-Ensemble XV XVI Dundee University Wind-Ensemble XVII Dundee University Wind-Ensemble XVIII Dundee University Wind-Ensemble XIX Dundee University Wind-Ensemble XX

My Concert with my Concert Band. We dicided to call us "Dundee University Wind-Essemble". It was a amazing experience and we were so happy about the big number of audiences. Looking forward to participate in the next term again:)

the last month

Montag, 07.11.2011


oh my goodness, I realised that the last time I wrote here was one month ago. Next weekend is already the next weekend trip with the RucksackClub. What happened:

writing Public Law assignment, Halloween, weekend in Edinburgh with Adrien, Marine and Lucas, meeting a lot of Adrien's friends from France, making Crepes, Bornfire Night, Acoustic Session at the Air Bar, Contract Law Assignmet, Foundation of Law Assignment...

and in a hurry again...Concert Band at 7.30 :)

Greetings to Germany!


Lake District...

Donnerstag, 20.10.2011

Hello everyone,

I spent the last weekend with the Dundee University Rucksack Club (DURC) at the Lake District National Park in England. We drove 5 hours by car. But it's always great fun to drive in the MiniVan with the others, listin to all kinds of music and be teached by a lot of international students stupid sentences:D "Du bist ein Keks!" "Patete!" etc. The hut was quite luxuious;)...flowing water and a shower! Wow! At Saturday we (mainly: Marine, Suna, Lydia, Koe and me) walked 8 hours...the weather was absolutly great, just sun and no rain! The English countryside is a little bit more colourful than the Scottish one even though the Scottish one is as beautiful as the English of course;D!!! We got a little bit lost at our way back but in the end we arrived back in time and after entering a local pub we spend the evening in the hut eating and playing "Who is Who?" know...little pieces of paper on your forehead with names on it;) At Sunday we followed the street next to the hut till crossing the river and followed the river back...around four hours. Was quite nice as well!:)

Lake District National Park

Since Monday I'm working on my Public Law Assignment for Monday. We have the question to prepare it. But it's quite tough and because I want to spent the weekend in the Scottish capital....YEAAAA Edinburgh tomorrow at 5 o'clock...I have to finish it today/tomorrow morning. I try my best! tomorrow the bus is leaving at 5 o'clock...we're arriving Edinburg at 18.35 or sth like that. We booked a hostel in the city centre sleeping in a room with 6 people I think. Our plan: visit the castle and enter the oldest pub of Edinburgh...and a lot more sightseeing:)

Edinburgh Crew (Adrien, Birgit, Lucas, Marine)

Looking forward to our trip!:)
Hope everyone in Germany is fine!

Meeting Nessy...uhhhhaaa:)

Sonntag, 09.10.2011

Dear Grevenbroicher/Münsteraner/Kölner etc.:)

I started this week with the birthday of my friend, Lucas. He is from Spain and I know him because of my other friends Marine, Adrien and Suna. Also we do the same English Course! It was a NICE evening and our present was "Dundee University"-Pullover in light green.

Lucas' birthday I(from the left to the right Suna, Marine, Adrien, me...and the nice boy in orange is Lucas:)

and another one...Lucas' birthday II!!! 

One eneving of this week the Rucksack Club of Dundee made a "Pub Crawl". Here you spend around 20-30min in each Pub. But on this Pub Crawl there were some special rules;) We got a partner at the beginning and were taped to each other on our legs. The last couple in each pub...penalty drink;) Further we were not allowed to use the word "climbing" (remember that this was the RucksackClub) and so on...Was great FUN!

Pub CrawlPub Crawl (ohh yea...did I mention the face painting?!Lächelnd)

Friday evening the RucksackClub offered a "Ceilidh". A Ceilidh is a Scottish traditional dance event. A band (Violin, accordion, flute etc.) plays typical Scottish music and there are special dances sometimes for couples, for groupes, for the whole party together etc. It was sooo great! I didn't expect it to be so coool. But my legs are still hurt me;) In the end I couldn't jump anymore. Ohh...sometimes the band leader gives instructions for the next dance and there were some people from a local Ceilidh Club helping a little bit. But it was really great. Everyone was so happy and so enganged in dancing! Nice, nice, nice! Looking forward to the next Ceilidh!!!

CeilidhCeilidhCeilidh Band 

The Saturday Marine, Adrien, Lucas and I spent at Loch Ness/Inverness with the International Society of the University of Dundee. Arriving Loch Ness we did a Cruise Tour over the Lake. We drove with a little boat from the one end to the other and drove back by bus. After that we visited Urquhart Castle. It is directly next to Loch Ness and you have a really breathtaking view standing at the top of one of the towers. Ohh...YEA we saw Nessy:D By the way...Nessy is purple coloured and looks very friendly. So, don't be afraid to visit Loch Ness;) After Urquhart Castle we visited the "Nessy Exhibition" and the last hour we spent in Inverness, the city directly next to Loch Ness, drinking Hot Chocolate in a pub. It was a really nice day and I'm really overwhelmed by the local offers for International Students and especially Erasmus Students. The Uni takes care of them a lot and is very enganged in showing us as much as possible of the country. 

Cruise Tour Loch NessUrquhart CastleInvernessHot Chocolate

In case that we are able to get tickets on Wednesday evening for the next weekend...Lake District in England, one of England's most popular lakes. If the pain in my legs is away till the weekend:D I'm looking forward to hike again!

Hope everyone of my guys in Germany is fine! Miss you!


Amazing day with the International Society...

Samstag, 01.10.2011


today I spent an amazing day with the International Society of the Dundee University (today around 45 people).

We left this morning from the Tower Building at the Campus at 10am and went to Arbroath - Declaration of Independence Monument. Actually a little but cute monument...

Declaration of Independence Monument

After a further short drive in the bus we arrived at Arbroath Abbey. Founded in 1178 for monks of the Tironensian order by King William the Lion, Arbroath Abbey is famous in Scottish history for its association with the Declaration of ArbroathDeclaration of Arbroath, in which Scotland’s nobles swore their independence from England.

Abbey IAbbey IIAbbey III

We had luch at an famous Fish&Chips Shop in town. Some guys enjoyed Fish&Chips while other guys prepared their own food for the trip. During the lunch break we had time to have a short look at the sea:)


Finally we arrived the main attraction of the day...Glamis Castle. One of Scotland's most famous castles where Queen mum lived since the age of three. I don't have pictures from inside because we were not allowed to take pictures inside;) have a look at this:

Glamis Castle out of the bus
 In the end of our journey we had a afternoon tea with hosts from the VL World Friendship Scheme at Kirkton of Kinnettles...This hosts are part of a society which gives International Students the possibility to visit Scottish families at their places, have lunch/dinner with the families or undertake sth together. It was very nice speak with the Scottish people and have a short walk through the close landscape.


Now I'm back in my comfy home)))...tonight: Bierfest (fake Oktoberfest in town)!

Greetings to Germany:*

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